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Product, Facility, and Industrial Photo Shoots for Your Spokane, Washington & Surrounding States of Idaho, Montana, and Oregon Businesses...

The Guardian Insurance lobby, Spokane
Garland business district Pub
Allure Construction, kitchen remodel
Justus Bag Co.Portland OR, printing press gears
Quality Custom Distribution, trucks
Boiler Room Bistro, lunch choices
Exercise clothes, young women
commercial-TV ads-McMorris Rodgers-Spokane Wa
Justus Bag Co., Friends of Flight Bird Seed
Young women, exercise clothes, model
Garland Theatre, north Spokane
Pressman preparing the press, Justus Bag Co., Portland
Steven Schneider-Attorney-Flour Mill-Spokane WA-06
Women boxer, clothing model
Steven Schneider-Attorney-Flour Mill-Spokane WA-05
Inland Paper Co., night photo, Spokane, Valley
Pure Seed grass seed, Justus Bag Co. Spokane, WA
Payne West Insurance-Spokane WA-02
Justus Bag Company, finished printing of bags
Spokane Seed Company, Easy Cooking Peas
Suzuki motorcycle  M109R Cruiser
Sports promoters, Spokane, WA
Quality Custom Distribution staff
Pacific Northwest Farmers Co-op, Justus Bag Co.
Spokane Vallet clock maker
Steven Schneider-Attorney-Flour Mill-Spokane WA-07
Justus Bag Company, loading
Payne West Insurance-Spokane WA-01
The Wandering Table in Kendall Yards, downtown Spokane
Steven Schneider-Attorney-Flour Mill-Spokane WA-04
The Ruby Slipper, Garland business district
Justus Bag Co. Spokane,WA, Barenburg Seed
The Boiler Room Bistro, Pizza and Salad for lunch
Suzuki Cruiser, M109R custom
Justus Bag Co. warehouse
Garland business district, Spokane WA
Justus Bag Co. Earlyploiid Grass Seed
Dr. Regalado, DDS office building in north Spokane
Palouse Quality Feeds, Justus Bag Co. Spokane, WA
M109R Boulevard Cruiser by Suzuki
Presses ready for printing, Justus Bag Co. Portland OR.
Cleaning the plate, pressman at work, Justus Bag Co.
Portland warehouse of Justus Bag Co.
Night photography of Avista Corp, Spokane, WA
Office interior
Exterior office building in north Spokane
EWU Football Coach on 50 yard line
Steven Schneider-Attorney-Flour Mill-Spokane WA-08
Women body builder, muscle toning
Suzuki M109R Boulevard Cruiser, motorcycle
commercial-TV ads-McMorris Rodgers-Spokane
Cobra Key Systems-Spokane WA-02
Wandering Table restaurant, Kendall Yards
Pressman working in Portland location, Justus Bag Co.
Dermatology Clinic of Spokane, post card mailer
The Guardian Insurance Spokane WA, waiting room
Night photography, Green Gables Photography
The Guardian Insurance in Spokane, lobby
Dermatology Clinic of Spokane, entrance
The Guardian Insurance HQ, Spokane WA office
Justus Bag Co. Portland, OR,  pressman at work
Justus Bag Co., Spokane, WA, printing press at work
Justus Bag Co. Spokane, WA. printing press
Interior dermatology exam room
Celebrations Bakery, Garland Business District
Woman boxer
Columbia Grain's Emerald Empire Lentils, Justus Bag Co.
Action photo of printing press
Senske Christmas Lighting, night photography, Spokane
Quality Custom Distribution awards lunch
MG.Bursell on his Suzuki M109R Custom Boulevard Cruiser
Eastern Washing University head Coach Beau Baldwin
Dr. Chaudry, Spokane Valley Cancer Center
Senske Christmas Lighting, Spokane Valley
Printing area of Justus Bag Co. Spokane WA
Night photography for Senske Lighting Christmas
Cobra Key Systems-Spokane WA-03
Sun Dried Brand, Justus Bag Co. Spokane, WA
Steven Schneider-Attorney-Flour Mill-Spokane WA-02
Sports promoters
Justus Bag Co., printing press ink roller
EWU Football Coach, Beau Baldwin
Professional office building, Wandermere
Cancer Center, Dr.Chaudry
Garland Theater, Garland business district
commercial-TV ads McMorris Rodgers-Spokane Wa-03
Justus Bag Portland OR., press at work
Allure Construction, Spokane, WA
Payne West Insurance-Spokane WA-03
Boiler Room Bistro pizza oven
The Boiler Room Bistro, Spokane, WA
Justus Bag Co. Spokane, WA, Palouse Brand Barley
Suzuki M109R Boulevard Cruiser in vintage location
House specialty drink, Garland business district
Quality Custom Dist.,  Best in Class Spokane Valley
Cobra Key Systems-Spokane WA-01
Harmony Barber Shop Quartet, Spokane, WA
Pressman at work, Portland location, Justus Bag Co.
Justus Bag Company warehouse in Spokane, WA
Justus Bag Co., Sea Hawks theme warehouse, go Hawks
Pressmen hard at work in Spokane,  Justus Bag Co.
Body builder, model
Night photography, Spokane
Steven Schneider-Attorney-Flour Mill-Spokane WA-03
Quality Distribution celebration
Boulevard Cruiser by Suzuki with custom Cobra Exhaust
Cyber Knife, Spokane Valley Cancer Center
The Wandering Table desserts
Vorpahl-Wing owner Tim Vorpahl, downtown Spokane
Justus Bag Co. Spokane warehouse
Avista Corp HQ,  Christmas lighting
Boiler Room Bistro, cocktails
Printing press, Justus Bag Company Spokane, WA
The Milk Bottle, Garland business district
Justus Bag Co. Portland, forklift and warehouse
Interior office
Steven Schneider-Attorney-Flour Mill-Spokane WA-01
Boxing glove ad, women model
Payne West Insurance-Spokane WA-04
Justus Bag Co. loading the trucks
Guardian Insurance, view to lobby, Spokane HQ
Printing press in motion, Justus Bag Co. Spokane, WA
Top Choice Wildlife Seed mix, Justus Bag Co.
Spokane Valley Cancer Center, new equipment
Justus Bag Company office, Portland, OR
Justus Bag Company, Spokane and Portland
Warehouse, Justus Bag Company
The Wandering Table in Kendall Yards, Spokane