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Photo Restoration Brings Memories of Time Passed Back to Life

military family restoration
before and after, color
corrective coloring
antique military restored
corrective coloring 2
restored from a digital image
couple anniversary restored image
before and after, our dad the boxer
damaged original and restored final image
faded original fixed to color
faded original and repaired
discolored and restored
water damaged before and after
hand coloring
restored from a snap-shot
dad, before and after restoration

Photo Restoration Brings Memories of Time Passed Back to Life

Family treasures can be restored and memories and heirlooms saved. Whether a lost family member, a younger version of yourself or your child, or a family portrait, to have this memorialized in a photo is priceless. Unfortunately, older printed photos can be damaged over time if not stored well or handled carefully, and can begin to show their age. At Green Gables Photography, Myron and Rita are who do the artwork personally, offer professional photo restoration to bring your old picture and memories back to life. Myron and Rita will do amazing work to bring back your treasured old photographs. After artwork if it is needed, we make your new prints without cracks, tears, water spots and faded images can be enhanced. We can produce color prints, old fashioned hand-colored prints, old fashioned warm tone prints, beautiful black and white prints, or Sepia/brown tone prints.

Damaged Photos Restored to Pristine Condition

Time is not always kind to our photographs. Damage from storage and handling can begin to show its wear and tear. From cracks, tears, water spots and faded color, you may find that those most cherished photos are no longer in pristine condition. Fortunately, today’s photo restoration technology is able to revitalize your old photos, returning your family heirlooms to like-new condition.

At Green Gables Photography we utilize the latest in photo restoration technology to give you a finished photo that is without damage. Myron and Rita can make any color corrections necessary, which is particularly important on older, faded photographs. If you prefer to keep the original old-fashioned coloring that comes with photographs from many years ago, we can enhance black and white or brown tone prints to achieve the same look, while restoring the photo to its original likeness.

Ideal for a Sentimental Gift or a Personal Memento to Cherish Forever

Photo restoration is a wonderful gift to share with a loved one, restoring a cherished photo to its original condition. The wear and tear of time and any damage can take its toll on your photos, but the photo can be restored to a condition that will deeply touch the recipient. Photo restoration is a great way to take your most cherished photos and ensure that they will live on for many generations to come. This opportunity and the memories that go with these heirloom photographs are priceless.

At Green Gables Photography Myron and Rita we treat your photos with the utmost care, restoring them with your instructions in the forefront of our mind. Your original photographs remain at our Studio during the process of artwork and reproduction - always secure and protected.

For a quote on your photo restoration project, contact Green Gables Photography at 509-326-7412.


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