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WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY (scroll down to see photos)

Every wedding couple has their own look and we specialize in figuring that out and making images for you to treasure forever….. My wife and I photograph as a team so you get two professional photographers, two completely different views, and two creative styles.

All images are edited and enhancements are made. They are delivered to you on a custom USB drive and include the ©Copyright release with full printing and social media rights. Some of our packages include a custom album and have a photo cover with your favorite images so it is unique to you, custom designed by Rita, not a template design.

Our 5 hour coverage with Myron and Rita photographing is $1600. We have other packages available one below and 2 above this 5 hour package. You are welcome to call us to discuss your wedding photography needs and if you wish, set up a time to come into the Studio to talk about your wedding. Now, if you cannot make it into the Studio right away we can email you a full brochure, either email a request or call us to have us email you a full brochure.

We look forward to hearing back from you about your wedding photography ideas...

Expertise Best Wedding Photographer 2018 CCA'16-Certificate-Vertical

Davenport WA family wheat fields
Coeur d' Alene Resort, destination wedding, beach
reception dancing at the Historic Davenport Hotel
profile bride & groom
Marabou water fall
wedding brides details
Center Place wedding event location
wedding party collage'
destination wedding of bride and groom
destination garden wedding
outdoor wedding with bride & groom
special moments at reception
destination wedding ceremony
Beacon Hill reception
Marie Antoinette room in the Davenport Hotel
studio bride and groom portrait
Beacon Hill, and candid images
our rings in the vineyard
reception setup in the Marie Antoinette Room
Historic Davenport Hotel lobby and fountain
groom in Spokane Valley, WA
last dance in the Marie Antoinette Room
Historic Davenport Hotel brides rooms
bride and groom thankyou card
destination wedding, Riverside State Park, WA
the gals and guys, Belle Gardens
groomsman, ta-da
bride with ring bearer
vineyard with bride and brides maids
dreaming bride, Trezzi Farm Winery
wedding party having fun
a soft moment
honest honey I didn't do any rabbit ears
destination wedding, Post Falls, ID
Details and decor 1
Coeur d' Alene Resort, destination wedding, lake
wedding table decor
downtown spokane, bride and groom get a way
bride and groom last dance
special effect
destination old country church
tada, the bride & groom
Historic Davenport Hotel, mezzanine of Marie Antoinette Room
outside the Historic Davenport Hotel
bride and groom close up fun
wedding decor, cake and toasting glasses
destination wedding along the Spokane river
wedding decor in the Historic Davenport Hotel
fun wedding party
groom on the Marie Antoinette Room
wedding gifts and details
wedding details 04
bride and groom strolling
close up of a beautiful bride
a walk down the road, destination wedding
wedding details, flowers and rings
bride and groom having fun
Groom in his man cave
window light of bride, downtown Spokane
This brides truly in charge
casual grooms men, spokane valley
Historic Davenport Hotel, Marie Antoinette Room
Bride and Groom sunset
bride and groom,  mezzanine of Marie Antoinette Room
brides getting ready room,  mezzanine of Marie Antoinette Room
Historic Davenport Hotel, wedding details
High Country Orchard destination wedding
Super Heroes landed at Trezzi Farm Winery
Davenport Grand Hotel, downtown Spokane
bride and groom in wheat field during sunset
Historic Davenport Hotel brides room
Sunset at Beacon Hill, Bride & Groom kissing
wedding decor, Marie Antoinette Room
old country church destination wedding
the bride looking for the groom
window light of bride, downtown Spokane 2
Marie Antoinette Room, Historic Davenport Hotel
reception goodies for the guest, Davenport Hotel
Ya, a day to remember, Belle Gardens, Deer Park
after the ceremony walk
wedding party, and Abby Rose, downtown Spokane
bride and groom in Elizabethan Room of gold
studio brides portrait
 bridal room, mezzanine of Marie Antoinette Room
bride and groom inside Our Lady of Lourdes
Bowl and Pitcher swinging bridge, Riverside state park
fun the cutting cake, downtown spokane hotel
this groom feel special, Trezzi Farm Winery
bride in grandmas garden
bride and groom dancing with their dog
Center Place mezzanine with couple
a walk to eternity
romantic BG in pathway
peek a boo bride, Trezzi Farm Winery
Spokane river with bride & groom
a wedding toast
brides room getting ready, Belle Gardens
Belle Gardens, Deer Park, WA
happily ever after
outdoor destination wedding
groom casual, Historic Davenport Hotel
destination reception
location destination wedding, Davenport,WA
destination, apple orchard Green Bluff, WA
bride and groom barefoot in Spokane River
bride in tree, destination wedding
downtown Spokane walkway
bride in woods at Riverside Sate Park
bride and groom at Our Lady of Lourdes church
barefoot in Spokane River
bride and groom in the vineyard
bride and groom home wedding
Spokane Valley wedding day
evening reception, Spokane Valley, WA
wedding reception fun, Lincoln Center
Trezzi Farm Winery, bride in the vineyard
along the Spokane river
romantic and fun in the river
bride & groom dancing the night away
Coeur d' Alene Resort,destination wedding,fireworks-01
location home wedding ceremony
twirling bride in vineyard
Belle Gardens brides room
bride and groom away in their boat