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The Courage Project (scroll down to see photos)

A traveling display featuring local Veterans...

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The Courage Project is not about wars, peace-time, or military rank. It is ALL about honoring, respecting, and recognizing our local Veterans and their sacrifices they have made for our country, our freedom, our national anthem, and our flag. I want our Spokane community to be able to experience by reading each short bio, even a snippet of who our local Veterans are and what they have done for us. That’s what the Courage Project is about…….

Respectfully, Myron G. Bursell,FPh - photographer-artist

The purpose of this project is to honor and respect all our local Veterans that live right here as our family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

This project is designed to spark a positive light to our Spokane community, through the art of black and white photography, touching hearts and emotions bringing to the forefront the many sacrifices our local Veterans have made for our country and our freedom and their many positive successes.

It will also bring more awareness to our community regarding their personal and families sacrifices and their positive impact and importance in our community. They live and work right here in Spokane. I want it to show our citizens a positive reflection of your trials and successes as they overcome small and large hurdles integrating back into society and becoming a proud part of our work force.

The intention is to value our Veterans by sharing your compelling thoughts with your photo to make us think, ponder, and be inspired from your journey.

If you would like to help our local Active Duty, the Guard, or Reserve you can donate to Operation Spokane Heroes a 501c3 so your donation is tax deductible.

Here is a link that will take you to

Operation Spokane Heroes website:


US Navy Pilot Veteran, CMD Brian Rodgers
US Air Force Veteran, Dean Hall, Chief
US Navy Veteran, Petty Officer David Strand, Seabees
US Army Calvary Veteran, Sgt. Travis Artman
US Navy Veteran, Petty Officer, Dick Hemming, Seabese
US Marine Corps Veteran, SSGT. Randy Ott, Semper Fi
US Army Veteran, Lt.Colonel Vance Peterson
US Air Force Veteran, Colonel Brian Newberry
US Air Force Veteran, LT.Colonel Don Tuttle
US Air Force Veteran, MSGT. Linda Willand
US Air Force and Navy Veteran, SSgt Bill Bresko
US Air Force Veteran, Colonel Donald Foster
US Air Force Veteran, Maj. Stan Williams