Photo Restoration (scroll down to see photos)

Family treasures can be restored and memories and heirlooms saved. Rita and Iwill do amazing work to bring back your treasured old photographs. After artwork if it is needed, we make you new prints without cracks, tears, water spots and faded images can be enhanced.
We can produce color prints, old fashioned hand colored prints, old fashioned warm tone prints, black and white prints, or brown tone prints.

If artwork is needed, Rita and I will give you a solid quote for artwork on your treasured photo and then make your final prints on archival paper for you. Please call and setup a time to bring your prints in for a quote on artwork and print pricing.

We both look forward to hearing about your special photos and working with you to give you the heirloom prints that family will want to always treasure.

couple anniversary restored image
corrective coloring
faded original fixed to color
antique military restored
military family restoration
before and after, color
hand coloring