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Honorary Commander Program

Fairchild Air Force Base

Honorary Commander Program

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M.G.Bursell, FPh Fairchild AFB-92d Communication Squadron-Spokane

Honorary Commander

92nd Communication Squadron

92d Air Refueling Wing, Fairchild AFB - Spokane, WA

"The Largest Tanker Base in the World"

The objective of this important program is to bring together leaders of the

military and civilian communities in an informal platform designed to foster

mutual understanding and establish friendships.

To increase civilian understanding of the military way of life.

I am honored to have been inducted into the Honorary Commander at Fairchild AFB. It is a position I take very seriously and want to let the Airmen know how much we in our community appreciate what the do each and everyday for us to keep our freedom and way of life. Many people ask me about the Honorary Commander Program and what it involves. I tell them it adds a special connection between the military and the local community enabling us to share experiences and insights.I have been fortunate these last 3 years to have been able to have many full day Immersion Tours with a number of Group Commanders, a few of them are: the 92d Mission Support Group & K-9's, SERE, the 92d Maintenance Group, Ops Group and the Flight Simulators.

It allows the Honorary Commanders to have hands-on experiences

with the many Groups and Squadrons activities and responsibilities

and we can then share those experiences and the respect and

understanding we have gained with our local community.

Our local city governments and businesses work hand in hand with Fairchild to make our community a better place to live, to work, and to retire. This program is an important to the specialpartnership we here in Spokane have with Fairchild AFB, the US Air Force, and all branches of the military...


Fairchild Air Force Base-Team Fairchild-Spokane
Change of Command Fairchild AFB, Myron with Commanders
Fairchild AFB-General Tuck AMC Commander-Myron-Spokane
Fairchild Air Force Base-Bomb Squad robot-Myron-Spokane
Fairchild AFB-Col.Cargle Operation Grp CMD-Myron
Fairchild Air Force Base-SERE-Spokane-05
Honorary Commander Refueling Flight, Fairchild AFB
Honorary Commander Induction Ceremony-Fairchild, 77
Honorary Commander Myron Fairchild AFB-Abilene Trophy
Honorary Commander Fairchild AFB-MSG-Spokane-03
Honorary Commander Fairchild-MSG-Myron-Spokane-15
Honorary Commander Fairchild Air Force Base-MSG-04
Honorary Commander Orientation Flight Fairchild AFB
Honorary Commander Alumni Myron Bursell Fairchild-6
Fairchild AFB-Myron Honorary Commander-Spokane
Fairchild AFB-Myron Honorary CMD Challenge Coin-Spokane
Fairchild AFB-Col. Davis-Ops Group CMD-Myron-Spokane
Fairchild AFB-Air Force Ball-Myron and Rita-Spokane
Fairchild Air Force Base-Col. Frits Fini flight-Spokane
Fairchild K-9 Security Forces Myron in protective suit.
Fairchild AFB-KC 135 Refueling Mission-Myron-Spokane 44
Fairchild AFB-Chief Taylor-Myron-Maj. Aevermann-Spokane
Fairchild Air Force Base-Major Baker-Myron-Kiwanis-Spokane-02
Honorary Commander Alumni Myron Fairchild AFB 11
Honorary Commander Fairchild AFB-Mission Support Group
Honorary Commander-Fairchild AFB MSG-20
Honorary Commander Fairchild Air Force Base-MSG-09
Honorary Commander Fairchild Air Force Base-MSG-18
Honorary Commander parking at Comm. HQ-Myron-Spokane
Fairchild Air Force Base-Air Show-Skyfest-Spokane
US Marine Corp-NOSC HQ-Myron-Spokane
Honorary Commander Alumni, Myron Bursell Fairchild AFB
Fairchild AFB-KC 135 Refueling Flight-Myron-Spokane
Fairchild Air Force Base-US STRAT Command-Myron-Spokane
Fairchild Air Force Base-Omaha Trophy Ceremony-Myron
Fairchild AFB-Maj Aevermann-Comm Squad CMD-Myron-Spokane
Myron in protective suit K-9 Security Forces Fairchild
Fairchild Air Force Base-KC135 Refuling Flight-Boom Supervisor and Myron-Spokane
Honorary Commander Alumni, Myron Bursell Fairchild-4
Fairchild AFB-Col. Spencer MSG Commander-Myron-Spokane
Honorary Commander-Awards Ceremony-Myron and Rita
Honorary Commander Induction-Myron Fairchild AFB
Honorary Commander Fairchild AFB-MSG-Spokane-05.
Honorary Commander Fairchild AFB-Col.Groves SERE CMD
Honorary Commander Fairchild Air Force Base-MSG-Spokane-19
Honorary Commander Myron-Retired Major General Finan
Honorary Commander Alumni, Myron Bursell Fairchild AFB-9
Honorary Commander Alumni, Myron Bursell Fairchild-10
Fairchild AFB-92d Communication Squadron-Spokane
Fairchild AFB-KC135-Col.Samulson Wing CMD 92d ARW-Myron
Fairchild AFB-Maj Gen Sharpy-Deputy CMD AMC-Myron
Fairchild AFB-Col. Spencer MSG CMD-Myron-Spokane
Fairchild Air Force Base-SERE-Spokane-14
Fairchild Air Force Base-Major Baker and Myron at the Spokane Falls
Honorary Commander Alumni, Myron Bursell Fairchild
Honorary Commander Alumni, Myron Bursell Fairchild-1
Fairchild Air Force Base-Major Baker-Myron-Kiwanis-Spokane-03
Fairchild AFB-Awards Ceremony-Major Baker-Myron-Spokane
Honorary Commander Fairchild Air Force Base-MSG-07
Honorary Commander Myron, Fairchild AFB-Major Baker
Honorary Commander Alumni, Myron Bursell Fairchild-5
Honorary Commander Alumni and -SERE-Jump Master
Honorary Commanders-US Strategic Command-Mayor Condon
The COURAGE Art Print donated to Fairchild AFB
Description- The COURAGE Print donated to Fairchild AFB
Fairchild Air Force Base-KC 135 Refueling Mission-Myron-Spokane 02
Fairchild Air Force Base-US Strategic Command-Myron-Spokane
Fairchild Air Force Base-KC 135 Refueling Flight-Myron with Crew
Fairchild Air Force Base-Air Force Ball-Major Baker-Myron-Spokane
Myron Honorary Commander Induction Ceremony-Spokane 32
Fairchild Air Force Base-Major Baker-Myron-Kiwanis-Spokane
Fairchild Air Force Base-Major Baker-Myron-Kiwanis-Spokane-04
Honorary Commander Myron Fairchild AFB-Spokane 99
Honorary Commander Fairchild Air Force Base-MSG-06
Honorary Commander Fairchild AFB- KC135 hanger-Spokane
Fairchild Air Force Base-Combat Dinning Out Picnic-Spokane
Honorary Commander Myron-SERE Rescue Flight Supervisor
Fairchild Air Force Base-Skyfest Air Show-Spokane
Spokane Police Dept.-ride along-Spokane