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I am an Executive Board member and Financial Officer of Operation Spokane Heroes and are very involved with them. They are a local organization that assists all military personnel from Active Duty, the Guard, the Reserve, and our Veterans with financial help when needed.

Men and women from every branch of the military are answering the call to protect the freedoms that make this nation great, but the call to action is not for them to answer alone. It is up to each of us to do our part to support our military, and perhaps more importantly - to support the families of those who have left for foreign soil.

OSH is designed to help us, as a community, do just that. By showing our support to military families, we let them know their importance to the Spokane Region and our country. This past year OSH helped families of deployed service personnel from the National Guard, Reserves and Active Duty. There is always more that can be done.

If you would like to be involved with this wonderful organization            please feel free to ask me or follow the link to their website: