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5.0 out of 5.0
Quality of Service 5.0

Matt and Leah Roberts, Bride & Groom

When researching businesses to work with, I always check the Google reviews. One of the reasons I called to book you was because you took the time to reply to your Google reviews. It shows me that a business cares enough to say thanks for a good one, or address any issues. It's puzzling to me that this simple thing is overlooked by so many small businesses!
You took the time that many do seem to.

Courtney, bride

My family has worked with Myron and Rita for years. We have never been disappointed with the photos they have taken, and my wedding photos were no exception. They capture the photos you ask for as well as the photos that you didn't even know that you wanted. They are so professional, creative, and easy to work with. I would not trust anyone else to take my wedding photos. While they are a little on the expensive side, the work that they do is well worth the cost. In addition to the photos themselves, Rita does an amazing job arranging and presenting your photos so that you can share and enjoy them for years to come. I was beyond pleased with how my wedding photos turned out and I also admire the photos they captured of my sister's wedding. You will not be disappointed with their work. They know what they are doing, and it absolutely shows.

Jeff Wilkie, father of Bride

Photographed our daughter and son-in-laws wedding out in a country setting. Beautiful pictures before, during and after ......very personable, hoping they had as much fun as we did for that evening !!!! We would highly recommend them to anyone for any event. A huge thank you !

Mother of the Groom

Myron and Rita were a joy to work with. They were especially understanding and accommodating about the special circumstances surrounding the event which included a bride and groom that were overseas until a week before the wedding and some special cultural considerations. Their patience, expertise and professionalism were invaluable and their beautiful photos captured and preserved wonderful memories of the day!

Marc, groom                                                                                                             5.0
I recently had the pleasure of having Myron and Rita of Green Gables Photography photograph my wedding at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane, Washington. They deserve the highest of ratings, 5 stars all the way. From our very first consultation, Myron and Rita were friendly, attentive, intuitive and consummately professional. They listened to our ideas, provided excellent feedback and were extremely knowledgable and thoughtful about how to give us the best wedding pictures possible. On our wedding day, Myron and Rita showed up on time, ready, with a tremendous amount of location ideas and poses that they had carefully selected for us. They worked quickly and expertly directed us and our families to maximize the amount and quality of their photographs. Ultimately, the BEST PART of hiring Green Gables Photography was that our pictures came out EXTRAORDINARY!!!! Myron and Rita captured amazing moments throughout the weekend with great artistry and an obvious knack for camera angles, lighting, poses, locations, etc. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone! Our pictures were placed on a web site that was easily navigated very soon after our wedding date, and then our photos were delivered to us via FedEx on a USB drive. All around excellent, five star service with a lifetime of amazing photographs to prove it. Trust Green Gables with your wedding day photography!

Sadie and Ryan, bride and groom

OMG!!! The photos are amazing! Thank you soooooooo much!
You two are amazing and made us both feel so comfortable and we loved watching you two work together! We had so much fun working with you two and we have zero doubts that we will absolutely love the photos you two were able to capture!
-Sadie & Ryan

Jessica, bride

Myron and Rita have been taking our family photos for years and we wouldn't dream of going to anyone else. Green Gables is professional and when I was getting married they made me feel like I was their only customer-which I loved! Our photos were prefect and even in the end when they were edited for special effects we were not disappointed with a single shot. We got every picture we asked for and then some. Myron and Rita are an unbeatable team!!! Rita is great at making sure every strand of hair is in place and all those little details are picture ready. I will suggest just listening to Myron he will ask for some crazy shots and they feel a little silly to take but in the end- that man is a genius! The wedding came and went but I still have stunning pictures to look back on. Thanks guys!

Nick and Michelle, Parents of the Bride

Thank you for your hard work, your professionalism, your great attitude, and all the great images both of you created of our daughters wedding

Charles, groom

Fantastic, first-rate, fabulous, five-star photographers! Simply, the BEST. From the moment that my husband and I met Myron and Rita we felt like we were working with close friends. They listened as we described what we wanted to accomplish and then they provided honest and professional guidance during the planning process. At our wedding, they were helpful and patient during the photography sessions. At the reception, they caught all of our favorite moments. Most important, the pictures came out GREAT! If you want high quality photos and world-class service, call Myron and Rita at Green Gables Photography!

Debbie, mother of thew bride

Worth every penny! AMAZING PICTURES AND AMAZING PEOPLE! They will do just about anything to make sure their customers are happy! They have been taking our family photos at every mile stone for the last decade- I am running out of wall space and every picture is literally perfect....no detail missed and we do photos with large groups, dogs, babies, inside and outside, and at all sorts of different locations. Best photographers in town!!!!

Karen, bride

Myron and Rita are a husband and wife team who understand the value of capturing the moments of this uniquely special day. They make sure to communicate with you while you are planning your wedding as well as ensure you have their full attention on the day itself. They have years of experience that shows in the details. They capture everything from the personal and familiar moments to the decor and details you spent months agonizing over. When your wedding is over you will have plenty of pictures to help you remember all the details of the day you wish you could relive over and over again. They take time to edit your pictures and display them in a way that tells a story. I promise you will not be disappointed in the service and product you receive from these incredibly special photographers. I am beyond grateful I chose them as my wedding photographers!

Dan, groom

I have never been a fan family portraits, it used to be the Sears special, until that blessed day that the clouds opened up, the sun shined down, harps started playing and Myron and Rita walked into my life. As you could probably tell im a cheap sob especially when it comes to things I have never seen the value in, like pictures, until my wife threatened to kill me because I was going to pay my 12 year nephew $50 to take the pictures at our wedding, she showed me the knife she would use and then called Green Gables and life has never been the same. The quality of the shots, the detail put in to each one from beginning to end is truly breathtaking and has turned me into a photo snob, any picture not done by this amazing couple is automatically inferior and therefore has no place in my home. Anyone who can handle my bridezilla of a wife, my crazy a$$ mother-in-law and wrangle all the kids into not only one but hundreds of beautiful pictures, is truly a saint and a craftsman, and Myron and Rita are both. Blessed (or cursed) with an over abundance of patience and tact while operating like a 2 man surgical strike team is awesome to watch. You wont be disappointed that you chose them, they will actually make your special day more special and make it look way better than it actually was.....

Michele Follger, mother of the Bride
                                                                                                           Myron and Rita did a fantastic job photographing our daughter's wedding. The photos are terrific and they were professional and unobtrusive throughout the day. Hire them with confidence!

Kristen, bride

Green Gables does a beautiful job on weddings! The husband and wife team of Myron & Rita work so well together and are perfectionists that will make your pictures "picture perfect"! Rita is soooo helpful with the bride getting ready and making sure that everything is just do! They are truly artists of their profession!

Lee Lewis, groom

Expectations exceeded!! Myron & Rita came in and made our wedding better than we could imagine. They were so helpful as far as how we should plan out the events to optimize the pictures and took alot of stress off of the bride. Our pictures were amazing,and they showed us pictures we didn't even realize they took. Our wedding memories were recorded wonderfully by Green Gables. We will never use another photographer for anything.Thanks for bringing out the best in our wedding.